Our Legacy

Over 150 years of pushing the industry forward

Born from innovation

What started with the development of a revolutionary compressor by founder Robert Gardner has transformed into a company recognized as a world leader in pumping technology and services. From the heartland of America has grown a company with global reach – GD Energy Products.

Where there was a need GD Energy Products has always seen in itself the solution. That dedication to purpose-driven innovation is what has driven our creation of new parts, applications and services.

For more than 150 years, everything we’ve created, has been brought to life with one goal in mind – simplifying and extending the operating life of our clients’ worksites.

Pumping technology that's always pushed what's possible

Creating pumping technology and services that outperform the expectations of our clients has always been our goal. We have been able to realize that goal by ensuring that every innovation we pursue had a worthy purpose.

Finding that purpose doesn’t come from simply understanding our clients’ needs. It’s more than that. It’s about pushing further and anticipating what’s to come. It’s about knowing both our clients and the industry so well, that we are able to not only respond to the current environment, but successfully define what it looks like going forward.


Then Gardner & Robertson greatly expands operations to a new hardware store to diversify operations.


Gardner Governor moves into its newly constructed three-building complex to house its ever-growing workforce.


The post-war oil boom leads to the development of new tools like the Twindrill – implemented in laying oil and gas pipelines in Saudi Arabia and across the Western Hemisphere.


GD Energy Products is acquired by Cooper Industries. In its first full year of operations as a merged company, it recorded more than $1 billion in sales.


GD Energy Products once again becomes an independent company after being spun off of Cooper Industries following the economic downturn of the 80s.


GD Energy Products begins to expand through acquisitions, at home and overseas.

Comprehensive solutions built around pumps, parts, presence and people

We have created an ecosystem of parts and services that help secure success throughout the complete lifecycle of our clients’ operations.

Experience 360