Hammerless Solutions

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Hammerless Solutions

Every year, too many workplace injuries result from the use of sledgehammers in the oilfield. GD Energy Products’ Hammerless Solutions are designed to help you maximize worksite safety by eliminating the use of hazardous tools, such as sledgehammers and cheater bars. Our quick-change Hammerless Solutions are designed to drastically reduce consumables change-out time and boost operational efficiency while reducing safety hazards.

GD Energy Products is committed to improving safety for oilfield workers and helping our customers minimize downtime required for routine equipment maintenance.

Each of our Hammerless Solutions are:

SAFE: They eradicate the risk of injury associated with the use of breaker bars and sledgehammers.

QUICK: They reduce the time required to remove consumables, maximizing operational efficiency.

SIMPLE: They install easily, without the need for special tooling such as hydraulic pumps or impact wrenches.

To find out more about our range of Hammerless Solutions and how they can benefit your operations, visit our product pages.

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