Frac Pumps

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A frac pump is a high-pressure, high-volume pump used in hydraulic fracturing treatments.

Hydraulic fracturing is a well stimulation technique where fracking liquid (a mixture of mostly water and sand) is injected into rock formations at high-pressures, allowing for the extraction of natural oil and gas. Frac pumps have evolved throughout history to accommodate the increasing demand of pressure pumping services companies around the world as operators are required to push drilling into more complex geological formations to ensure supply.

How does a frac pump work?

Frac pumps are reciprocating positive-displacement pumps that contain a fluid end and a power end. It endures all types of stress including harsh fluids and high-pressure activity. The purpose of a frac pump is to push sand-laden fluid into a well bore’s perforation, which enables you to fracture a formation.

A large suite of heavy-duty frac pumps is used to transmit a mixture of mostly water and sand down the wellbore. In order to avoid the well from pushing back, the frac pump has to overpower the pressure coming back to the surface. This process fractures the rock and the fractures are filled with sand and fluid to prop them open. Fractures typically grow 200 to 400 feet. This provides the oil and gas a flow path into the wellbore.

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