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Frac Pumps

GD 2500Q HDF

2,500 BHP
Max Pressure
17,800 PSI

The GD 2500Q Heavy Duty Frame (HDF) quintuplex pump was designed to extend pump service life through an optimized power end frame design. Stable, robust, and durable, the GD 2500Q HDF features thicker skin plates and stronger welds to boost structural integrity.

  • Optimized power end frame design reduces operating stresses and maximizes frame reliability
  • Enhanced service life expectations
  • Industry leading Redline packing available with adjustable header single or double pressure ring styles
  • Pressurized lubrication through the crankshaft.
  • Hardened clamp type extension rods
  • Redline hard coated plungers
  • Redline wing guided valves and seats
  • Single or dual bolted steel WECO style discharge flanges
  • Schedule 80 steel suction manifold with victaulic coupling
  • GDNX FE technology features a patent-pending cross-bore design optimized to provide longer fluid end life in severe duty pumping applications
  • GDNX features Falcon Technology, which reduces maintenance time for consumable changes
  • No alignment requirements to suction covers and no special tooling required for install, reducing maintenance challenges
GD 2500Q HDF Spec Sheet
GD 2500Q HDF Infographic
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