Thunder Triplex

GD Energy Products’ Thunder Triplex pump is the premier workhorse utilizing 2,550 brake horsepower and proven to last 2-3x longer than our competitors with an 11” stroke length and next generation fluid end technology. This pump reduces consumable cost by 50 percent over its lifetime and saves time by delivering unparalleled performance at unprecedented operating efficiencies.

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2,550 BHP
Max Rodload
275,000 lbs


  • 11” stroke length reduces consumable cost by 50 percent over the life of the pump
  • Reduces downtime with modern design upgrades to improve serviceability in the field
  • Proven to last 2-3x longer than competing 10” stroke pumps
  • Next generation fluid end technology showcasing stainless steel construction and innovative geometry to minimize stress
  • Utilizes GD Energy Products’ innovative Redline Packing to extend fluid end life in the harshest conditions
  • 24/7 aftermarket service and support anytime and anywhere you need it

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