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Mud Pumps

PZ Series

GD is the original creator of the drilling pump and continues to set the standard for durable, high quality drilling pumps that can withstands the world’s toughest drilling environments. Starting with our PZ7 and rounding out with the market's most popular pump, the PZ1600, our PZ Series of pumps are the perfect choice for today's high-pressure drilling applications.

The PZ Series of drilling pumps, when combined with our industry-leading fluid modules, Redline™ Series consumables, Pump University and Parts on Demand programs, provides customers the lowest total cost of ownership available in the marketplace.

To learn more about our comprehensive portfolio of powerful drilling pumps, contact us or view the cut sheets/specs under the Downloads tab.

PZ Series

Horse PowerRod LoadMax PressureMax Flow
PZ 16001,600 BHP150,000 lbs7,500 PSI632 GPM
PZ 101,350 BHP139,500 lbs5,000 PSI575 GPM
PZ 91,000 BHP101,550 lbs5,000 PSI585 GPM
PZ 8750 BHP76,800 lbs5,000 PSI580 GPM
PZ 7550 BHP64,400 lbs5,000 PSI507 GPM
PZ Series Brochure
PZ 1600 Spec Sheet
PZ 10 Spec Sheet
PZ 9 Spec Sheet
PZ 8 Spec Sheet
PZ 7 Spec Sheet
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PZ 2400
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PZ 2000
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