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Well Service Pumps

GD 1000Q HD

1,000 BHP
Max Rodload
106,000 lbs
Max Pressure
17,998 PSI
Max Flow
929 GPM

The GD 1000Q HD is designed and built to be the best 1000hp pump on the market. In the most severe well servicing applications, where longer laterals require stronger pumps to perform under higher pressures, you can rely on the GD 1000Q HD. Its robust design and the industry’s best fluid end technology, make the GD 1000Q HD the preferred pump for pump-downs, coiled tubing, cementing, acidizing, well kill and many other tough applications.

Suitable for any high pressure application, the GD 1000Q HD features GD Energy Products’ Thunder coated bearings and next generation of fluid end technology (GDNX), offering customers a premium pump at the lowest total cost of ownership.


  • Upgraded internal components and seal housing prevent contamination.
  • Thunder coated bearings reduce friction and heat to extend power end life.
  • Rod load of 106,000 lbs., max pressure of 18,000 psi at 39 gpm and a max flow rate of 929 gpm at 1,660 psi.
  • Designed to accommodate back-to-back configurations.
  • GDNX fluid end technology, which comes standard with Redline Packing and has a patent-pending crossbore design, optimized to extend fatigue cycles by 3.5x over conventional fluid ends, resulting in longer fluid end life in severe duty pumping applications.
  • The GDNX fluid end for the GD 1000Q HD offers direct fitment to all 1000hp pumps in the market today.
  • 24/7 aftermarket service and support anytime and anywhere you need it.
GD 1000Q Spec Sheet
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