GD 2250T

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2,500 BHP
Max Rodload
237,500 LBS
Max Pressure
17,800 PSI
Max Flow
1,515 GPM


  • Crankshaft type construction
  • Left or right side suction and discharge connections
  • Hard coated plungers
  • Clamp connections between plungers and pony rods
  • Plunger sizes from 3.75’’ to 7.5’’
  • Six inch suction manifold with victaulic grooves
  • Header-ring style packing
  • Valve-over-valve fluid end
  • One discharge flange
  • One bleed flange
  • One center gauge connection
  • Autofrettaged 3.75’’ to 5.5’’ fluid ends
  • Standard fluid end tool kit

Optional Features

  • Dual discharge flanges
  • Additional center gauge connections
  • Adjustable or non-adjustable packing
  • Keyed or splined pinion shaft
  • Dual input pinion shaft
  • Input flange
  • Autofrettaged 5.75’’ to 6.75’’ fluid ends
  • Special header style suction manifold

Fluid End Options

  1. Valve-over-valve CWS
  2. Stem guided, valve-over-valve EWS
  3. Heavy duty, valve-over-valve GWS
  4. Y-style crossbore YWS


Valve & Seats
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Redline Packing
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