Plunger Remanufacturing Program

GD Energy Products Plunger Remanufacturing Program

A pump’s plunger is a product constructed of a relatively soft, malleable metal designed not to crack under pressure. Inside a pump, the plunger is connected to the crankshaft via a connecting rod. The crankshaft then connects to an electric motor. When the crankshaft turns, the plunger begins moving side-to-side (reciprocating) inside the fluid end bore. During its retracting motion, a vacuum is created inside the pump chamber, drawing fluid inside. When the stroke of the pump is reached, the suction valve closes and the plunger moves forward, pressurizing the fluid. This opens the outlet valve and pushes the fluid downhole.

This type of positive displacement pump is typical for use in high pressure pumping scenarios, such as oil and gas, wastewater, chemical processing and other industrial applications. The plunger, therefore, needs to withstand the impact of sustained, reciprocating forces. The plunger’s coating provides the tough exterior needed to perform in these conditions.

Our remanufacturing service involves a proprietary plunger coating process, which applies a hard, durable surface capable of enduring the significant wear and tear of daily oilfield operations. Center and bevel operations re-center the plunger, while an undercut operation removes old coatings and defects from the surface. After undercut, the remanufacturing program follows the same quality and operational procedures as with new plungers.

Expanded remanufacturing capabilities

GD Energy Products’ plunger remanufacturing program is housed within our facility on the outskirts of Fort Worth in Aledo, Texas. This 20,000 sq. ft facility has recently undergone a large-scale renovation, expanding its capabilities and improving its environmental footprint. Today, it is capable of providing full turnkey service from field collection to replenishment, handling more than 4000 pieces per month and turning around plungers within weeks.

As part of the program, used plungers are loaded into a GDEP-provided remanufacturing bin, which are then collected by GDEP at your PODS or central locations. Most makes and models of plungers are then reworked to exact specifications and recoated to as-new condition in either GD 6 Chromalloy or GD72 Nickel. Finished plungers are then stored in the GDEP warehouse for distribution or delivered straight back to your location. Approximately 75-80% of plungers received for remanufacturing are returned in “good-as-new” condition – ready to perform.

GD Energy Product’s plunger remanufacturing program extends the life of your new plungers. By providing a lower cost option for our customers, we also enable a sustainable process of plunger recycling and environmental waste reduction. Contact us at 1-866-GDPumps to find out how your operations can benefit from our plunger remanufacturing program today!