An Innovative Partnership: GD Energy Products and Catalyst Energy Services Featured on Oil and Gas Global Network’s ESG Energized Podcast

April 26, 2023


Tony McLain, vice president of sales, GDEP, recently teamed with Seth Moore, COO and executive vice president of Catalyst Energy Services to share the unique collaboration to bring high horsepower and low emissions technology to hydraulic fracturing. 

Photo of GD Energy Products employees being interviewed

The two companies were featured on Oil and Gas Global Network’s ESG Energized podcast, “Catalyst Energy Services and GD Energy Products Partner to Bring Innovation to Hydraulic Fracturing” on February 21, 2023.

With its compact design, Catalyst developed VortexPrime to provide higher performance through alternative technologies. Powered by 100 percent natural gas, Moore shared that VortexPrime offers up to 40 percent lower emissions along with a 10-15 percent reduction in operations costs. In order to accommodate VortexPrime’s turbine technology, Catalyst turned to GDEP to design a single pump to deliver 5,000 horsepower.

Primed for energy-efficient performance, McLain shared how GDEP utilizes its expertise in pumping solutions to change the face of hydraulic fracturing through cleaner energy. The Thunder 5000 pump was developed to provide high horsepower to match VortexPrime’s powerful turbine engine, while also reducing environmental impact with lower emissions. The Thunder 5000 can be driven by electric, dual-fuel or gas turbine engines, and gives operators the flexibility to reduce their carbon emissions.

With GDEP’s Thunder 5000 pump, Catalyst’s turbine technology utilizes a smaller footprint to do the same work with eight units that takes others 20 units. GDEP is proud to be a leader in delivering sustainable pumping solutions. Together, both GDEP and Catalyst are working to improve the hydraulic fracturing industry for a better future.

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