Plunger Remanufacturing Program

A pump’s plunger is constructed of a strong, yet malleable metal designed not to crack under pressure, then hard-coated to resist wear. However, as the plunger strokes in-and-out of the packing over millions of cycles, it eventually begins to wear.

Our plunger remanufacturing program offers a significant cost savings by taking worn plungers and bringing them back to like-new condition. We will bring a collection bin to your location for storing used plungers, and set-up a schedule to pick them up and leave a new bin. After receipt, used plungers are machined back to the bare metal specifications, recoated and refinished to ensure the same quality finish as our new plungers.

Expanded remanufacturing capabilities

GD Energy Products’ plunger remanufacturing program is housed within our facility on the outskirts of Fort Worth in Aledo, Texas. This 20,000 sq. ft facility has recently undergone a large-scale renovation, expanding its capabilities and improving its environmental footprint. 

By providing a lower cost option for our customers, we also enable a sustainable process of plunger recycling and environmental waste reduction. Contact us at 1-866-GDPumps to find out how your operations can benefit from our plunger remanufacturing program today!

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